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August 18-31
VOL.14 ISSUE. 26


Kristina Cowie
Published Thursday December 13, 10:56 am

Photo Credit: Photo by Kristina Cowie

Who: Tamsen Rae, makeup artist. Where: Broadway Ave. Clothes: Mavi jeans, $90, Below the Belt (Midtown Plaza); tank top, $60, Obey (Las Vegas); jacket, $60, Garage Clothing (Midtown Plaza). Footwear: vintage boots, $12, Value Village (2115 Faithfull Ave). Accessories: scarf, Frakas, (183 2 Ave S); necklace, $20, Dallas airport. Makeup: herself. Hair:herself.

Tamsen Rae is a freelance makeup artist who has always loved the art of transformation. About a year ago, she experimented with liquid latex for the first time — and quickly fell in love with the medium, developing a burning passion for special effects makeup.

Describe your personal style.

Casual and comfy, a mix of old and new. I live in men’s black beaters and dark skinny jeans. I love cardigans and scarves, old jewellery and vintage leather and fur — and I rock a lot of leopard print and black.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I’m a collector; I have a huge appreciation for beautiful vintage pieces. Old things with a story appeal to me. I have a lot of vintage boots, shoes, purses and clothes. I’d never buy new fur or leather, but if it’s older than me and maybe snakeskin, chances are I’ll love it.

Favourite item in your closet?

I hold a turquoise ring I purchased in Asia dear to my heart. It represents a chapter of my life which will never be forgotten. It’s beautiful and flawed, and so are the experiences I had on my journey. It’s my favourite thing.

Last thing you bought?

A rad yellow scarf with sparrows on it from Tonic.

Any pet peeves?


What do you do?

I do all kinds of makeup. I get hired to beautify bridal parties, grads, models and anyone with a special occasion or photo shoot. For me, makeup is more than a job or service I offer, it’s a creative outlet. I express myself through my art and take great joy and fulfillment out of what I do. I also offer one-on-one makeup lessons and full-on makeovers as well.

Tell me about your special effects work.
During October I did a ton of special effects work — zombies were really big this year. I worked with a talented local photographer on a zombie-themed calendar, as well as several other projects with people for Halloween and other personal promotion projects. I’m currently working on building up my sculpting and life-casting supplies so I can produce Hollywood-quality prosthetics. I plan to move to Montréal in the new year to pursue a career in the film industry.

Where can people see your work online?

Favourite cosmetic lines?

Some include NARS, Makeup Forever and Benefit.

Anything else?

I’m currently working on some interesting art projects and plan on having a horror-themed art show in spring. I encourage everyone to keep their eyes peeled for that. I truly appreciate everyone’s support, all the people who have "Liked" my Facebook page and commented on photos of my work. Because my [time] in Saskatoon expires in a few months, I’d love to fill the time I have remaining with working with as many people in Saskatchewan as possible. If anyone would like to see themselves as beautiful as they can be — or perhaps as creepy as possible — I’d love to fulfill that desire. I can also arrange a photo shoot with one of my talented photographer pals to forever capture your transformation.

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