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October 30 -November 12

Ave RomaRoland Sweet

Published Thursday October 30, 05:44 pm
Aqueducts, concrete and now: beer spread? Thank you, Italy
The Italian food company Alta Quota has introduced spreadable beer, which it said is ideal for “appetizers and cheeses” and “to decorate or fill” pastries, cakes and ice cream. The product, Birra Spalmabile, is composed of 40 per cent beer but contains no alcohol. (United Pre

History Will JudgeJohn F. Conway

Published Thursday October 30, 05:46 pm
The war against IS: medieval and techno-barbarbarism
Stephen Harper finally got his war in Iraq. It’s something the prime minister demanded while in opposition, when Bush’s ill-fated “coalition of the willing” was inveigled by the United States to bomb, invade and occupy Iraq, all contrary to international law. And now, he has

Good, Clean MoneyDavid Suzuki

Published Thursday October 30, 05:47 pm
Green technology: good for the economy and the environment
What’s the fastest-growing sector in Canada’s economy? Given what you hear from politicians and the media, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s the resource industry, especially the extraction and export of fossil fuels like oilsands bitumen and liquefied natural gas.But we&rs

Three ElectionsGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday October 30, 05:49 pm
Democracy has no amnesia in Brazil, Ukraine and Tunisia
Last Sunday was a busy day: three elections, in three different continents, all of them offering at least the hope of better times.First, Brazil, where President Dilma Rousseff eked out a second-round victory with 51.6 per cent of the votes versus 48.4 per cent for the challenger, Aecio Neves. But N

It Doesn’t ScanGregory Beatty

Published Thursday October 30, 07:05 pm
Why private MRI clinics aren’t the answer to long wait times
Throughout his seven-year premiership, Brad Wall has often floated trial balloons on contentious policy issues. Privatizing publicly owned liquor stores, boosting the education portion of property taxes to pay for infrastructure, and building small-scale nuclear power plants are three examples of Wa