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May 26 -June 8
VOL.14 ISSUE. 20

From “No” To “Maybe”Evan Radford

Published Thursday May 26, 06:03 pm
Has Brad Wall been playing a SaskTel privatization long game?
To privatize or not to privatize — is that the question?It isn’t, at least according to Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, who says his government has no plans to privatize SaskTel. But if we follow our provincial government’s history over the last 10 years, Wall and co. have been muc

Risk And ReformGregory Beatty

Published Thursday May 26, 06:04 pm
We don’t just need to change Canada’s unfair elections. We need to make the right changes
From legalizing cannabis and revamping the Harper government’s Bill C-51 anti-terrorism legislation to reviewing the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership and addressing grievous inequities in the health and well-being of Canada’s indigenous people, the federal Liberals have a lot on their

Climate, Fires, JobsGillian Steward

Published Thursday May 26, 06:05 pm
Fort McMurray: meet the people trapped in pipeline debates
As the wildfire raged and 90,000 people including kids, the elderly, and hospital patients were forced to flee from Fort McMurray on the only highway that would take them to safety hundreds of kilometres to the south, Canadians saw a very different city than they are used to.It was no longer just a

Unfinished BusinessGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday May 26, 06:07 pm
Obama’s Hiroshima visit is a grim reminder of nuclear peril
Today’s Hiroshima doesn’t give the TV journalists a lot to work with. It’s a raucous, bustling, mid-sized Japanese city with only few reminders of its destruction by atomic bomb in 1945. There’s the skeletal dome of the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall (which w

Meat, Heat And VegansDavid Suzuki

Published Thursday May 26, 06:08 pm
Eating less meat slows global warming (but it’s complicated)
Will vegans save the world? Reading comments under climate change articles or watching the film Cowspiracy make it seem they’re the only ones who can. Cowspiracy boldly claims veganism is “the only way to sustainably and ethically live on this planet.”But, as with most issues,