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November 26 -December 9

Hordes Or Whores?Geraldine Malone

Published Thursday November 26, 06:53 pm
A semi-scandal is about more than a hard-to-hear letter D
In late November the letter “D” became the alphabet’s most newsworthy letter after a video surfaced that may or may not have caught a veteran Saskatchewan member of Parliament calling a female politician a Very Bad Word.But the real question people should be asking revolves around

What Just Happenedvarious

Published Thursday November 26, 06:57 pm
News and horror from the last two weeks
Welcome to What Just Happened, an action-packed new regular column that reviews recent news-based events and occurrences that’ve manifested in such far-reaching places as Syria, Estevan and even Regina, as well as, of course, in OUR glimmering, shimmering beacon of Prairie enlightenment and ci

Cockroach TalkErik Woodley and Geraldine Malone

Published Thursday November 26, 07:03 pm
Our Best Comedian is an Islam-basher? WTF
Here we go again: a terrorist attack has caused Facebook to be flooded with bigoted statements. But this time there’s a twist — there’s a Planet S connection.On Nov. 13 the world watched in horror as multiple attacks killed over 120 people in Paris. These attacks followed similar t

Strangelove’s RevengeGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday November 26, 07:05 pm
Russia teases a scary Doomsday Machine. Are they Putin us on?
“Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost if you keep it a secret,” said Dr. Strangelove to the Soviet ambassador in Stanley Kubrick’s classic film of the same name. Fifty years later, it would appear that the Russians have finally watched the movie.In Kubrick&rsquo