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An unexpected hit in 2011 (on the wake of The Hangover frenzy),
The third movie of The Hunger Games had more obstacles to overc
Thanks to the distributors’ mysterious designs, three strong Swedi

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November 27 -December 10

News QuirksRoland Sweet

Published Wednesday November 26, 01:22 am
He would’ve gotten away with it, if not for meddling mongrels
Fugitive Daniel Rice, 21, who was wanted for theft in Iowa, was captured in rural Rock Island County, Illinois, after he called the local sheriff’s office to report being pursued by as many as 30 coyotes. Deputies recognized him as a wanted fugitive and returned him to Muscatine County authori

Future FearNathan Raine

Published Wednesday November 26, 01:23 am
Why is Saskatoon so slow to embrace progressive change?
Saskatoon has a reputation for a number of things: an abundance of goofy big trucks, bad winters and lots of sunshine, for just a few examples.Implementing progressive policy change in a timely and uncontroversial fashion is not one of those things.Most recently, Saskatoon has been spooked by the pr

Too Hot To HandleDavid Suzuki

Published Wednesday November 26, 01:25 am
The 2014 IPCC report: we must clean up our act, or else
It’s become a cliché to say that out of crisis comes opportunity. But there’s no denying that when faced with crises, we have choices. The opportunity depends on what we decide to do.What choices will we make when confronted with the fact that 2014 will likely be the hottest year

Cock-Up In UkraineGwynne Dyer

Published Wednesday November 26, 01:26 am
Eastern Europe’s latest debacle marks its first anniversary
This is what former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, subsequently driven from office by mass protests in Kiev, said to German Chancellor Angela Merkel just one year ago, at the start of the crisis. It was recorded by a Lithuanian television crew, eavesdropping on the conversation with a direct

Parking ChangeNathan Raine

Published Wednesday November 26, 01:45 am
Questions swirl about the City’s new street strategy
So: it's the dead of winter, and you have business downtown — and holy smokes! There's a spot right in front of your destination! You pull in, plug the meter and get the hell out of the damn cold. Sweet!But soon, such luck will be a thing of the past.The City of Saskatoon is implementi

Coach In A CornerStephen LaRose

Published Wednesday November 26, 01:49 am
Cherry was an icon at “pinko” CBC. At Rogers? Not so much.
Don Cherry is to Ford Nation what Jian Ghomeshi once was once to Canada’s arts, music and culture sect: a representative of All That Is Good, Pure And True In Our Nation. But even the man whose suits would’ve driven Mr. Blackwell mad is having a rough time in this brave new broadcasting