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A surefire way to tell if a movie is any good is by keeping track of the
Independent, low-budget Canadian cinema depends in large part of a stron

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May 28 -June 10
VOL.13 ISSUE. 19

News QuirksRoland Sweet

Published Thursday May 28, 05:36 pm
Police dogs dig it when hit and run drivers go underground
After Marsha Yumi Perry, 36, struck a five-year-old boy with her pickup truck in Washougal, Oregon, she left the injured victim at the scene and then hid from police by crawling into a shallow hole and covering herself with dirt. A police dog tracking her scent indicated her location, and the handle

Extending A HandPaige Goodman

Published Thursday May 28, 05:40 pm
Mobile Outreach offers dignity to those who need it most
 As I walk to The Lighthouse on a sunny spring morning, I try to mentally prepare for my ride-along with the Mobile Outreach program — especially as I realize that I’ve worked at the shelter for three months and have only a vague idea of what the support team actually does.The front

Hope And ChangeDavid Suzuki

Published Thursday May 28, 05:42 pm
Need some good news? Look around: it’s sweeping the nation
Recent events in Canada have shown not only that change is possible, but that people won’t stand for having corporate interests put before their own.When plummeting oil prices late last year threw Alberta into financial crisis, people rightly asked, “Where’s the money?” They

North Korea’s NukesGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday May 28, 05:43 pm
Asia’s spookiest country is bragging about its missiles again
In early May, North Korea claimed to have launched a ballistic missile from a submerged submarine. Yesterday it announced that it can now make nuclear warheads small enough to fit on a missile. If both those claims are true, then it can now deliver a nuclear weapon on the United States, at least in

There Oughta Be A LawNathan Raine

Published Thursday May 28, 08:18 pm
GLBT Students need more than ‚Äúpolicy‚ÄĚ from government
For those unaware (and in Saskatchewan, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that there might be more than a few folks who are), here’s a quick overview on gay-straight alliances: most often student-led organizations, GSAs are intended to provide a safe, supportive environment within schools

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