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While it’s true James Bond is a tough act to follow, Pierce Brosna
It seemed The Expendables would never live up to the concept th
 When Zach Braff launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his

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August 21 -September 3
VOL.12 ISSUE. 26

They’ve Got GullRoland Sweet

Published Tuesday August 19, 11:12 pm
Nest-defending birds spoil a hospital’s charity event
A British hospital charity canceled a rappelling fundraiser over concerns seagulls would dive-bomb the participants as they did health and safety inspectors checking out the Somerset site before the event. Organizers for the Flying Colours campaign explained that the inspectors discovered a seagull&

Rules Of The NameGwynne Dyer

Published Tuesday August 19, 11:14 pm
Goodbye America: it’s time for the United States Of Tatooine
“Tatooine” is, you will surely agree, a pretty stupid name for a planet, but there are so many Star Wars fans that some unfortunate world is bound to end up being called exactly that. Let’s just hope that its inhabitants, if there are any, never find out. On the whole, though, givi

Bridge BollocksSean Shaw

Published Tuesday August 19, 11:40 pm
A new vehicle bridge won’t help congestion, but it will hurt River Landing
Cities with good rapid-transit systems, cities with great freeway networks, cities with neither — regardless of their situation and how they’ve tried to deal with the problem, almost none have been able to rid themselves of traffic congestion.Just take a look around our own country: Vanc

The $15 LaboratoryPaul Constant

Published Wednesday August 20, 12:46 am
How Seattle got sick of waiting for someone else to fight income inequality and took charge
Like a lot of people in Seattle, I generally think of Canada as the brainy little sister who’s got it all figured out. While the U.S. staggers home from the bar at three in the morning with a gun shoved in her bra and a nasty infection blossoming underneath that unfortunate new tribal tattoo o

Accelerating ChangeGregory Beatty

Published Wednesday August 20, 12:49 am
Organized labour faces challenges, but opportunity is also out there
We’ve been celebrating Labour Day in Canada since the 1880s. Over the succeeding 130-odd years, huge changes have occurred in the political, economic and social landscape that organized labour, and workers in general, operate in.Change is a constant in life, so that’s not unexpected. And

The Big Little PushDavid Suzuki

Published Wednesday August 20, 12:59 am
Are nanoparticles a panacea, a Pandora’s box or both?
Nanoparticles can be used to deliver vaccines, treat tumours, clean up oil spills, preserve food, protect skin from sun and kill bacteria. They’re so useful for purifying, thickening, colouring and keeping food fresh that they’re added to more products every year, with the nanofoods mark