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October 16-29

Rise Of The RobotsRoland Sweet

Published Wednesday October 15, 06:18 pm
Pepper knows how you feel but still wants your job
A robot designed to read and respond to human emotions will be sold at Sprint Corp. stores in the United States by next summer. Marketed by SoftBank Corp., the four-foot-tall humanoid, named “Pepper,” dances, tells jokes and estimates human emotions based on observed expressions. SoftBan

We’re Going Too FastDavid Suzuki

Published Wednesday October 15, 06:29 pm
Let’s slow down, for ourselves and our planet
The Blue Dot TourTCU PlaceSunday 26The Amazon rainforest is magnificent. Watching programs about it, we’re amazed by brilliant parrots and toucans, tapirs, anacondas and jaguars. But if you ever go there expecting to be overwhelmed by a dazzling blur of activity, you’ll be disappointed.

Exponential EbolaGwynne Dyer

Published Wednesday October 15, 06:30 pm
If the African virus makes it to India we might have a problem
Here are two good things about the Ebola virus. It is unlikely to mutate into a version that can spread through the air, as some other viruses have done, and people who have been infected by Ebola cannot pass it on to others during the incubation period (between two and 21 days). Only when they deve

Anatomy Of A DisgraceNathan Raine

Published Wednesday October 15, 06:56 pm
The tragic story of Jamila Bibi’s deportation shames Canada
For 22 months, Pakistani refugee Jamila Bibi dutifully reported to Immigration on a weekly basis. Then, at her Wednesday, Sept. 10th appointment in Saskatoon, the Canadian Border Service Agency arrested Ms. Bibi, cuffed her, and shipped her to the Pinegrove Women's Detention Facility in Prince A

Start Your EnginesNathan Raine

Published Wednesday October 15, 06:58 pm
When will the next federal election happen, and what will it mean for Saskatoon?
Canada’s next federal election will be held on Oct. 19th, 2015 — if, that is, Prime Minister Stephen Harper follows his own fixed election date law. But while following a law that your own government introduced seems pretty much a no-brainer, don’t be too sure.U of S political stud