Get Connected

April 16-29
VOL.13 ISSUE. 17

News QuirksRolland Sweet

Published Wednesday April 15, 12:45 am
Satan’s disciples want to give kids colouring books, but nooo
After the Satanic Temple asked an Orange County School Board for permission to distribute a Satanic coloring book to Florida students, the board voted to ban not only Satanic materials but also outside Bibles. The World Changers of Florida had previously been allowed to hand out Bibles. (Orlando Sen

Tories In TroubleGillian Steward

Published Wednesday April 15, 12:53 am
PC support falters as Alberta’s election campaign begins
Not that long ago, Alberta Premier Jim Prentice and his Progressive Conservatives were sure that the just-called election would be a slam-dunk for them. Their most vocal and active opposition — the Wildrose Party — seemed down for the count after most of their MLAs and party leader Danie

A Genocide At 100Gwynne Dyer

Published Wednesday April 15, 01:19 am
The Armenians and Turkey both get a sickening history wrong
It is with great reluctance that I write about the Armenian genocide, as I know from experience that what I say will infuriate both sides. But it is the hundredth anniversary of the catastrophe this month, and Pope Francis has just declared that the mass killing of Armenian citizens of the Ottoman e

Science MattersDavid Suzuki

Published Wednesday April 15, 01:40 am
Fossil Fuel Inc.’s climate-denial machine runs on dirty money
Brothers Charles and David Koch run Koch Industries, the second-largest privately owned company in the U.S., behind Cargill. They’ve given close to US$70 million to climate change denial front-groups, some of which they helped start — including Americans for Prosperity, founded by David

Stop Smashing!Nathan Raine

Published Thursday April 16, 03:34 pm
Saskatoon really has to learn how to preserve built heritage
 If you squint really hard at the corner of Broadway & 11th, you might still be able to see a few demolished bits of heritage.The 100-year-old Farnam Block, former home to Lydia's and Turning the Tide, was much more than a simple building to many in Saskatoon: many of the businesses tha

Narrative FailNathan Raine

Published Thursday April 16, 03:38 pm
Downtown’s problem is more perception than panhandling
 group of four to five panhandlers approach somebody and actually following them while asking for money,” he says.But when asked if he feels the perception of the dangers downtown is accurate, he couldn't agree.“No. The perception does not reflect the reality of what's occur

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