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March 19 -April 1
VOL.13 ISSUE. 15

News QuirksRoland Sweet

Published Thursday March 19, 04:28 pm
London’s cocktail scene just got a million times better
More than 35,000 people entered a lottery for tickets to sip cocktails at London’s Annie the Owl pop-up bar while owls fly around and perch on their shoulders. Professional falconers join the patrons, who pay $30 for two cocktails and two hours of “unique owl indulgence,” according

No More Lane Pain!Sean Shaw

Published Thursday March 19, 04:30 pm
Let’s hope Saskatoon finally gets cycling rights right
 In 2009, Saskatoon took its first measured steps towards integrating cycling into the collective consciousness of the commuting public, when “sharrows” were painted on select streets downtown in existing driving lanes. While the markings did very little to practically improve the s

Fight The FearmongersDavid Suzuki

Published Thursday March 19, 04:33 pm
The RCMP is wrong: environmentalists aren’t terrorists
A scientist or any knowledgeable person will tell you climate change is a serious threat for Canada and the world. But the RCMP has a different take. A secret report by the national police force, obtained by Greenpeace, both minimizes the threat of global warming and conjures a spectre of threats po

The Putin ProblemGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday March 19, 04:36 pm
Unfortunately, what happens in the Kremlin stays in the Kremlin
If he just had the flu, why didn’t they say so? We’d all have sent him get-well cards and that would have been the end of it.The lengthy and mysterious absence of Vladimir Putin ended on Monday March 16, when the Russian president emerged in St. Petersburg to greet the visiting president

Spock It AllPaul Constant

Published Thursday March 19, 05:12 pm
Leonard Nimoy was the very first 21st century man
 Leonard Nimoy was always cool. I say this knowing full well that his legacy will forever be tied to a character who is basically God Of The Nerds. What Nimoy demonstrated was that coolness had nothing to do with fashion or strength or emotional control. Instead, it was about being comfortable

You Shall Not PassNathan Raine

Published Thursday March 19, 05:18 pm
Why do the feds hate foreign environmental activists? Duh.
Sometimes the most important stories are about things that didn't happen.On March 24th, as part of a cross-Canada speaking tour, leading members of La Federacion de Campesinos Hacia el Progreso, a grassroots development organization in the Dominican Republic, were to have a speaking event hosted