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Alongside people like Woody Allen and Ridley Scott, director Michael Win

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August 20 -September 2
VOL.13 ISSUE. 25

Farewell, RolandCarle Steel

Published Thursday August 20, 05:01 pm
Planet S’s quirk chronicler has passed away. We’ll miss him.
News Quirks author Roland Sweet passed away from heart failure on July 24 at the age of 69. His death marks the end of a journey that started on Aug. 2, 1945 in Florida — a place well-known for its abundance of newsworthy human foibles. Besides writing this column, North America’s premie

Kane And BlameMegan Seling

Published Thursday August 20, 05:03 pm
31 not-sex reasons a woman might go home with a hockey star
 It's likely you’ve heard the news — NHL star Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks has been accused of raping a woman at his Buffalo, N.Y. home. There’s very little official information available at this time as authorities await forensic results, and, as of right now, K

Meter MuddleNathan Raine

Published Thursday August 20, 05:10 pm
Will the City’s new FlexPark system ever pay off?
Strategic cover up? Multi-million dollar scandal? Simple grace and generosity from the City? Such are the questions quietly surrounding rollout of the City of Saskatoon's new, and oft-malfunctioning, FlexParking stations. In early August, after months of hearing accounts of entirely unenfor

Listening For AliensGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday August 20, 05:11 pm
The panspermia theory and the Drake Equation: looking good
One by one, the empty boxes in the Drake Equation are being filled in with actual numbers, and it’s looking good. So good that Yuri Milner is spending $100 million of his own money over the next 10 years to fund the search for non-human civilizations orbiting other stars. But it’s a

The Shy EmperorPaul Dechene

Published Thursday August 20, 06:29 pm
Why Harper hides from critics on Saskatchewan’s blue Prairies
 Stephen Harper brought his travelling election sideshow by Regina on Aug. 13. I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed it. It was an invite-only affair for the Conservative Party’s most loyal southern Saskatchewan troops.In fact, the event was so exclusive that local media only caught

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