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July 24 -August 6
VOL.12 ISSUE. 24

News QuirksRoland Sweet

Published Thursday July 24, 05:27 pm
Have America’s politicians been replaced by doppelgängers?
After losing to Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Oklahoma, two years ago, Democrat Tim Murray switched parties and ran against Lucas in this year’s Republican primary. He received only 5.2 per cent of the votes to 82 per cent for Lucas, but told election board officials that he is entitled to Lucas’s

A Great MistakeDavid Suzuki

Published Thursday July 24, 05:28 pm
Lake Huron is a terrible place to put a nuclear waste dump
Is dilution really the solution to pollution — especially when it’s nuclear waste that can stay radioactive for 100,000 years? A four-member expert group has told a federal joint review panel it is.The panel is examining an Ontario Power Generation proposal to bury low- and intermediate-

A Win-Win LossGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday July 24, 05:29 pm
Israel’s Netanyahu and Hamas both benefit from a Gaza bloodbath
Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, said something cryptic last Friday, shortly after the Israelis began their latest round of attacks on the Gaza Strip. Condemning Hamas’s conditions for accepting a ceasefire as “exaggerated and unnecessary,” he offered his

Live MusicChris Morin

Published Thursday July 24, 05:34 pm
Vancouver dream-poppers nod to their punk days on second album
SHIMMERING STARSSaturday 26Capitol Music ClubIt’s not uncommon for musicians to revisit the sounds of past genres and bands. But when Vancouver’s Shimmering Stars began to write the songs that would eventually make up their second full-length album, they looked to their own history for i

“More Like Genocide”Gregory Beatty

Published Thursday July 24, 05:49 pm
Saskatchewan protestors rally against Israel’s Gaza invasion
By the time you read this article, the casualty figures from the latest outbreak of violence in Gaza will surely have spiked higher. But as of July 22, the totals stood at over 600 Palestinians dead (mostly women, children and other civilians) versus 29 Israelis (mostly soldiers). In addition, thous