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Alongside people like Woody Allen and Ridley Scott, director Michael Win
A surefire way to tell if a movie is any good is by keeping track of the

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June 25 -July 8
VOL.13 ISSUE. 21

News QuirksRoland Sweet

Published Thursday June 25, 05:27 pm
Police consider deploying latest in stink bomb technology
American law-enforcement agencies seeking ways to disperse rioters non-violently are considering importing a chemical product that Israeli police insist “prevents casualties to protesters and security personnel.” Called Skunk, it smells like raw sewage mixed with a putrefying cow carcass

The Race Is OnNathan Raine

Published Thursday June 25, 05:30 pm
It’s going to be a summer of political jostling in SK and beyond
The fixed federal election is set for this October, and it seems like the NDP is poised for a serious run at Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. According to the most recent EKOS poll, the NDP is now at 33.6 per cent — nearly double the support the party had prior to the 2011 election. Meanw

Prayer ProblemGregory Beatty

Published Thursday June 25, 05:31 pm
Saskatchewan needs to comply with this Supreme Court ruling
Following a unanimous Supreme Court decision in April that the Saguenay city council’s practice of opening its meetings with a Christian prayer was unconstitutional, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said our provincial assembly would continue to open its proceedings with a prayer.The assembly ha

Science MattersDavid Suzuki

Published Thursday June 25, 05:32 pm
Trolls can’t dispute the message, so they attack the messengers
In 1962, biologist and writer Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, a book about the widespread use of agricultural pesticides and how toxic chemicals like DDT were threatening insects, birds and other elements of our natural world. It garnered widespread critical and popular acclaim, and is herald

WorldGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday June 25, 05:34 pm
Voters reject Erdogan’s power grab in Turkish election
For Turks, the burning question after the June 7 election is whether they will now get the fully democratic, pluralist country that so many of them want. The defeat of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party does open that prospect, although translating it into reality will be very difficult

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