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February 19 -March 4
VOL.13 ISSUE. 13

News QuirksRoland Sweet

Published Thursday February 19, 06:26 pm
Argentina says orangutans aren’t your objects any more
An Argentine court ruled that a 29-year-old orangutan held by a Buenos Aires zoo is a “non-human person” unlawfully deprived of its freedom, paving the way for her to be transferred to a sanctuary. The decision came after the Association of Officials and Lawyers for Animal Rights filed a

Let’s TalkNathan Raine

Published Thursday February 19, 06:28 pm
Saskatoon can’t simply sweep racism under the rug
In late January, Maclean's published a story calling Winnipeg the most racist city in Canada, while also stating that “Manitoba and Saskatchewan report the highest levels of racism [and racist incidents] in the country.”Ouch.Winnipeg mayor Brian Bowman, in an urgently called press co

Science MattersDavid Suzuki

Published Thursday February 19, 06:30 pm
Ontario declares war on bee-menacing farm chemicals
No matter how you feel about Ontario’s proposal to restrict use of neonicotinoid insecticides on corn and soybean crops, we can all agree: bees matter. But as important as bees are, there’s more at stake. Neonics are poisoning our soil and water. This problematic class of pesticides need

WorldGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday February 19, 06:31 pm
There’s no unlimited growth on a planet with finite resources
Peak oil is so last year. Now we can worry about peak everything: peak food, peak soil, peak fertilizer, even peak bees.Let’s start small. We depend on bees to pollinate plants that account for about one-third of the world’s food supply, but since 2006 bee colonies in the United States h

Bending The RulesGregory Beatty

Published Thursday February 19, 06:52 pm
How the Harper government’s anti-terrorism laws go too far
“Over the last few years, a great evil has been descending over our world,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said at a campaign-style event Jan. 30 in Richmond, Ontario, where he announced his government’s intention to introduce Bill C-51 to protect the freedom and security of Canadia

Knock ‘Em DownNathan Raine

Published Thursday February 19, 07:06 pm
Saskatoon has a less than ideal attitude to built heritage
On Dec. 31, the not-so-shocking news broke that Turning the Tide, an independent bookstore and cultural staple in Saskatoon, was being evicted from their location at the historic Farnam Block. An outpouring of support came flooding in towards the local business, as did a great deal of disappointment