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April 28 -May 11
VOL.14 ISSUE. 18

Up Against Brad WallGregory Beatty

Published Thursday April 28, 05:56 pm
After a rough election Trent Wotherspoon maps out the opposition’s positions
Following Cam Broten’s resignation as NDP leader on April 11, the 10-member caucus appointed Regina Rosemont MLA Trent Wotherspoon as opposition leader. A few days later, his status as interim party leader was confirmed at a provincial council meeting in Saskatoon.Wotherspoon has ruled out a l

An Ill-Timed Leap?Gillian Steward

Published Thursday April 28, 05:58 pm
Canada’s last NDP premier is still fuming over a manifesto
Most of the delegates to the recent federal NDP convention in Edmonton are long gone, back home in other parts of the country.But they left behind such a hornet’s nest of controversy that NDP Premier Rachel Notley is still trying to convince Albertans that she’s prepared to do

Too Hot, Too FastGwynne Dyer

Published Thursday April 28, 06:00 pm
A non-linear climate shift will dangerously raise the stakes
If you spend a lot of time talking to scientists about climate change, there’s one word you’ll hear time and time again, and yet it’s hardly ever mentioned in the public discussion. The word is “non-linear”.Most people think of global warming as an incremental thing. It

A Shocking MigrationDavid Suzuki

Published Thursday April 28, 06:01 pm
Global warming brings electric rays to Canada’s Pacificcoast
Gary Krause was mystified by an unusual fish he caught in his trawl net off B.C.’s Pacific north coast in October. It was a Pacific electric ray, named for a pair of organs behind its head that can knock a human adult down with a powerful shock.Trawl fishery records show 88 of these rays in B.

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