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July 21 -August 3
VOL.14 ISSUE. 24


Broadway Theatre
715 Broadway Ave.
Saskatoon, SK S7N 1B3
Centre Cinemas
3510 - 8th St. E
Saskatoon, SK S7H 0W6
Rainbow Cinemas
3510 - 8th St. E
Saskatoon, SK S7H 0W6
Roxy Theatre
320 - 20th Street West
Scotiabank Theatre
347 2nd Ave. S
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1L1


Queef PowerMegan Seling

Published Thursday July 21, 07:35 pm
Ghostbusters smashes glass ceilings with small puffs of wind
GhostbustersCineplex4 out of 5All those innocent men crying into their keyboards over the injustice of having to stand by and watch in horror as the reputation of their beloved childhood film is disgraced with not only a remake, but a remake featuring a headlining cast of all women, have finally bee

Go AsteroidJorge Ignacio Castillo

Published Thursday July 21, 07:38 pm
The Ice Age series ran out of steam a decade ago
Ice Age: Collision CourseCineplex2 out of 5When the first Ice Age came out nearly 15 years ago, it was received with open arms. The computer-generated imagery was crude but it had an anarchistic spirit embodied by a single-minded prehistoric squirrel with a disturbing acorn obsession.It was a little

Home HuntingJorge Ignacio Castillo

Published Thursday July 21, 07:39 pm
In any other country this would be a drama
Hunt for the WilderpeopleRoxy TheatreOpens July 224 out of 5There are other filmmakers working in New Zealand besides Peter Jackson — some even not as susceptible to digital effects as the Lord of the Rings mastermind. Chief among them is Taika Waititi. Despite working with ridiculously small

Dressed To ThrillJorge Ignacio Castillo

Published Thursday July 21, 07:40 pm
Brian de Palma is great, this doc’s not
De PalmaBroadway Film TheatreOpens July 222 out of 5For a documentary about one of the most interesting American directors — made by two renowned indie filmmakers to boot — De Palma is a letdown. Outside of voluminous amounts of trivia (the kind you could find on IMDb), there’s lit