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FilmJorge Ignacio Castillo

Published Thursday February 19, 06:42 pm
Score some cash or save a colleague? It’s a toughie.
TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHTBroadway4/5Marion Cotillard has appeared in a handful of Hollywood productions since winning an Oscar for La Vie en Rose, but her best work continues to take place in Europe. For every Dark Knight Rises(Cotillard was woefully miscast) there’s a gut-wrenching flick (Rust and

No Dummies PleaseJorge Ignacio Castillo

Published Thursday February 19, 06:54 pm
Mike Leigh has no use for stupid actors
MR. TURNERRoxy (opens Friday 27)Older British filmmakers are less author-y than the younger, hipper directors from that country. After interviewing a few, I can tell you these guys are meat-and-potatoes craftsmen — more likely to make a crack about your dead grandmother (looking at you, Stephe