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July 21 -August 3
VOL.14 ISSUE. 24

Easy Drinking IssuesJason Foster

Published Thursday July 21, 07:00 pm
Stouts? IPAs? Pale and brown ales? Your style is now in session
“Session beer” has become a common term to describe a lower-alcohol beer that’s fairly balanced in flavour — ideal for drinking without getting loaded. It can apply to a whole range of styles from light lagers to English bitters to blonde ales. Anything that’s lower alcohol and relatively easy to drink can be called a session beer.The historical origins of the term are a bit murky, but the most plausible scenario is it arises out of restrictive British liquor laws during the first world war. Opening times for pubs were restricted to two four-hour periods — one in the afternoon and one in the evening. The rules were aimed to restrict the liquor consumption of munitions workers and, I suspect, assist the rationing process. Workers would choose beer that they could reasonably consume during the four-hour “session” and still be able to return to work without get picked up for being drunk and disorderly. That likely meant lower alcohol and an easy-to-drink flavour profile.There is no official definition today, but most accept that a session beer should be less than 5% alcohol (some say less than 4%) and the flavour profile should emphasize

Here Be MonstersMcDuck

Published Thursday July 21, 07:33 pm
Pokémon Go doesn’t make you walk into traffic. Stupidity does
Pokémon Gohas been fingered as the cause of a growing blotter list of incidents that includes two California men falling off a cliff and a Quebec driver backing into a police cruiser.The accidents and misdemeanours are downplayed by Saskatchewan players, who say you can’t blame the mobile augmented reality game for human dumbassery.“It’s totally healthy as long as you have a cautious mind,” said Thatcher Rose, a Pokémon player who ran across Regina’s Albert street (after looking both ways) to nab a snivelling purple Rattata squatting on the pavement.Rose and companion Tanner MacDonald agree: Pokémon Godoesn’t make you walk into traffic; stupidity does. The pair are backpacking across Canada, catching the pocket monsters as they go, and they haven’t had any game-related close calls — which they attribute less to luck and more to being not morons.Is Pokemon Go a healthy way to get gamers out of their moms’ basements for the first time in a decade? Or is it turning players into brainless zombies (which would mean the zombie apocalypse is 100 per cent less cool than we hoped it would be)?Pokémon PrimerPok