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There is something to be said about a documentary that sympathizes with

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July 25 -August 7
VOL.11 ISSUE. 24

Reggae Festival headliner ready to break out
Shakespeare knocks both plays out of the park
Seven Fringe acts offer up the straight dope
Audio art festival into its third year
A new stripping law has Sask. cities scrambling

The Front

Food’s Final Frontier

Replicating devices might be able to feed crews on missions to Mars. NASA awarded Texas-based Systems And Materials Research Corp. a $125,000 grant to develop a 3-D printer able to

Disaster And Denial

Like smokers who put off quitting until their health starts to suffer, we’re learning what happens when bad habits catch up with us. We’re witnessing the terrible effec

City Pity

Newsflash: Saskatchewan is an urban province.As of 2011, the majority of Saskatchewan residents lived in one of our 15 cities — 57 per cent of us to be exact. A full 46 per c

Hope For Motor City

As it happens, I was in Detroit this month. I went to see the art and the architecture, domains in which Detroit is still one of the richest cities in the United States. It’s

The Middle

Cajun Connection

BON TEMPS CAFÉ232 2nd Ave. S.306-242-6617Saskatoon’s downtown is becoming busier and more vibrant every day it seems — and much of that is because the food scene

Light Plight

You’ve probably seen the TV ads, and you might’ve come across its splashy cobalt blue bottles on the liquor store: it’s Bud Light Platinum, Labatt’s latest

The Back

Live Previews

FLYING FOX AND THE HUNTER GATHERERSFriday 2Lydia’sOperatic indie gypsy jazz, musical theatrics, self-invented mythologies and puppets are just a few of the elements you&rsquo

Water Worlds Apart

THE WAY, WAY BACKRoxy (coming soon)3½ / 5The Way, Way Backanda The To Do List aren’t as similar as kidnap-the-president flicks Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down