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August 21 -September 3
VOL.12 ISSUE. 26

Nom Nom NoshNoelle Chorney

Published Tuesday August 19, 11:18 pm
This vegetarian-focused restaurant is good enough to please any taste
NOSH820 Broadway Ave. 306-933-3355It often seems that “healthy option” restaurants neglect their liquor selection — which is silly, because no one ever said that vegans don’t enjoy cocktails. So thank gawd for the recent entry of Nosh Eatery and Tap into Saskatoon’s dining scene, as they have some killer cocktails, a nice beer selection and a lovely wine list alongside their many vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menu items.It’s one thing to go to Nosh on the tail end of a spring cleanse (which I did) and be relieved to discover more than one option to choose from, all of which sounded delicious. It’s another to go with no dietary limitations and be completely reduced to abject indecision. I wanted to try it all!Nosh’s modus operandi is good, nourishing food; the twist is that they flip the usual restaurant menu breakdown of 80-90 per cent meat entrees and 10-20 per cent vegetarian entrees on its head. You’ll find creative uses of all kinds of vegetables, and quinoa put through its paces. Fish and cheese also make themselves known for anyone who can’t fathom a totally vegan meal. And if you must, there’s a steak

Portland RocksJason Foster

Published Tuesday August 19, 11:27 pm
There’s no better place for beer lovers than Oregon’s most awesome city
Portland, Ore. has unquestioningly the most vibrant beer scene in North America. I was in the city recently, so of course I spent a few days visiting breweries, frequenting pubs and generally soaking in its beer-y atmosphere.Portland is a city of about 600,000 famous for its progressive politics (in a U.S. context, at least), environmental consciousness and devotion to local products. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that a city which embraces local food, local arts and local economic development is also a huge supporter of local beer. There are 53 (!) breweries within the city boundaries, spanning the breadth and width of the beer world.Last year, craft beer made up 45 per cent of all beer sold in Portland. That’s more than ABInbev and SABMiller, the two largest beer corporations in the world, combined. As an experiment, I wandered into an average sports bar — full of big screen televisions, framed jerseys and a crapload of Bud and Coors Light paraphernalia decorating the walls — to see what they had on offer. To my surprise, two-thirds of their taps were devoted to local beer, and they even offered THREE different IPAs.Portland is a playground for beer geeks: