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March 5-18
VOL.13 ISSUE. 14

American InvasionJason Foster

Published Wednesday March 4, 01:58 am
Some excellent Yankee craft beers are hitting SK shelves
It’s no secret that the craft beer scene in the U.S. is a helluva lot larger than Canada’s. In cities like Portland and Denver, craft beer sells more than corporate macro beer, and craft breweries in the U.S. tend to be a fair bit bigger than their Canuck counterparts. There are two primary reasons, and the first is obvious: the U.S. has 10 times the population we have, meaning 10 times the people who are buying beer. But it’s also because the U.S. craft beer scene has been around for much longer. Their earliest craft pioneers (in the post-prohibition era) started plying their trade in the early 1970s, with a big boom in the 1980s. Canada’s first wave of craft breweries didn’t occur until the mid-1980s, with Vancouver’s Granville Island being the first in 1984 — and a big expansion of the craft brewing scene in Canada didn’t happen until the late 1990s. On the upside, we’re currently witnessing a second wave of new breweries, and one that’s unparalleled in Canadian post-prohibition history. The point of telling you all of that is because I’ve been noticing a number of very familiar — and formidab

Identity CrisisNoelle Chorney

Published Wednesday March 4, 02:00 am
Boffins’ move from private to public needs some tweaking
BOFFINS PUBLIC HOUSE#106 111 Innovation Dr.306-249-5344 For those of us in Saskatoon who don’t work at Innovation Place, the food options there may seem like a long way to go for lunch. But over the years I’ve found many excuses to go there — either to meet a girlfriend at the Concourse Coffee Lounge for an affordable hot lunch (different soups and specials like enchiladas every day), or to Boffins’ unparalleled patio in the summer for after-work drinks or the occasional special dinner. Besides Boffins’ beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired design and décor (which is worth the trip just to see), I’ve always enjoyed tucking into many of the public spaces that Innovation place has to offer — whether it’s the comfy armchairs at the Concourse, the desert-themed plants and zen garden in the Galleria building or the modern, high-ceilinged spaces in the Atrium. If I have a meeting at Innovation Place, I tend to find reasons to hang around for a while longer. Until last year, Boffins was a private club, meaning you had to be a member or know someone who is a member (or know the chef) in order to get in. But after a chang