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October 1-14

Pretty But PricklyNoelle Chorney

Published Thursday October 1, 06:13 pm
Cactus Club is pretty good, for a chain
CACTUS CLUB140 Idylwyld Dr. N306-979-8411I suppose it’s a good thing that Saskatoon is attracting more high-end dining chains. It means on some level we’re reaching a critical mass that outside investors consider attractive. But I still have a healthy level of skepticism about whether it

The Old And The NewJason Foster

Published Thursday October 1, 06:27 pm
Montréal’s beer scene is a great mix of classic and new
It’s pretty easy to explore a city you’ve never been to before: everything is new so there’s an opportunity for excitement around pretty much every corner. But what about a place you’ve been to fairly often? How do you keep it fresh?This question became quite real for me a wh

My Soylent WeekAidan Morgan

Published Thursday October 1, 06:48 pm
I ate weird future food so that you’ll never, ever have to
Soylent: food of the future, batter for the body and substitute for solids. After experimenting with this pricey meal replacement, I can safely conclude it’s awful. I was going to use it as intended (i.e. as a complete replacement for non-granulated food) and eat a whole bag, but after a