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July 10-23
VOL.12 ISSUE. 23

The Final Five PercentNoelle Chorney

Published Thursday July 10, 06:34 pm
Riversdale Delicatessen is a fantastic find for foodies
Riversdale Delicatessen101 20th St. W.306-954-3355For years I argued that I didn’t lose out on any fundamental foodie delights by moving back to Saskatoon from a larger city — as a serious cook, I can find 95 per cent of the ingredients I need in Saskatoon. The only adjustment has been that specialty stores are few and far between: there’s one store in Saskatoon that offers a given specialty item, for example, rather than 12.So not a huge deal — but for anyone who follows food trends, it’s sometimes tough not to focus on that missing five per cent. There’s this air-dried beef that’s all the rage in foodie cities, or an especially gooey cheese that the editorial team at Bon Appetit can’t shut up about. I can generally find substitutes for some of those things, but not the real thing.Until Riversdale Deli opened its glorious doors.Many people are raving about Riversdale Deli’s sandwiches. Their lunches are killer, and they’re not only delicious; they’re fun. With names like “Silence of the Lamb” and “Heart Attack,” how can you not want to come back almost daily? And a note to my vegetarian frien

Celebrity Salud!Jorge Ignacio Castillo, Noelle Chorney, Shane Hnetka, Lisa Johnson, Chris Morin and Craig Silliphant

Published Thursday July 10, 06:49 pm
Perfect drinks for popular people
How about that Internet, amiright? I know! You can find out just about anything about just about anyone with just the click of a finger! Crazy.Seriously, there’s not much any of us can keep secret anymore, which is a shame. But what’s a tragedy is that it’s far, far worse for the public figures and/or celebrities among us.Poor helpless buggers — all they’ve ever wanted to do was lead / entertain / control (oops! Too much honesty there, sorry!). Yet now every intimate (or bland, come to think of it) secret of their fantastically wealthy and wonderful lives is now public knowledge for the great unwashed (that’d be the rest of us) to chew on like buzzards dipping their beaks into carrion.Really, there’s only one thing they have left that’s utterly and completely their own: their perfect drink. And what kind of horrible, soulless person would try to take that away?Why, that would be us!So please enjoy the following, where we’ve ferreted out some of the perfect drinks most beloved by public people. And cheers, everybody! /Chris Kirkland JUSTIN BIEBERWith all the cocktails named after some of the the great mustachioed men of hist