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Wednesday, March 13, 2013 09:38:52 AM
Check out The Pistolwhips!

The Pistolwhips are one of the newer bands to hit the scene, having recently released a four-song EP that pop/rock fans’ll swoon over.  The dudes themselves are some familiar faces, having played in bands from The Rebellion to Fountains of Youth and Whiskey Songs; Rylan Schultz (vocals, guitar); Christian Kongawi (drums); Zack Davies (bass); and Paul Kuzbik (guitars).

Is it indie rock?  Is it pop music?  Is it modern blues?  I hear a lot of influences in the ole’ sonic blender, from The Strokes to Jack White, from The Police to Kings of Leon.  It’s melodic poppy rock that manages to avoid being too soft and cuddly or too hardcore --- one of the more accessible sounds I’ve heard in awhile.  These guys have a lot of professional experience, which has lead to fleshed out songs and a polished production value.  Did I mention that they ain’t hard on the eyes either?  I bet Rylan Schultz’ raspy delivery is guaranteed to be a panty-dropper on the college circuit.  I don’t mean to diminish their musical talent by talking about their teen idol looks either --- it just begged sayin’.

Hey, don’t take my word for the music or their dashing good looks.  You can see the Pistolwhips live at ‘The End of the Rainbow Drinking Party’ at Louis’ on Saturday the 16th. While I think green beer is for schmucks, I support this party, which also features Ricky Rock, The Grove, Milton Hamfat, JH43, and host Jason Hattie.  And on the green beer thing, I’m not a party prude; I have no compunction about anyone furthering their alcoholism in general.  I just think it’s a fucking crime if it’s done by ruining perfectly good beer.  And if your beer is gross enough that you can’t ruin it by pouring food colouring into it, then you’re drinking the wrong kind of beer.  Sorry, this was about the Pistolwhips, wasn’t it?

Games, contests, giveaways from Spareparts and proceeds are going to the PinkWig Foundation.  What more could you ask for?  Hit this party up.

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