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I didn't mind the Timothy Dalton James Bond movies.  They were trying to change things up but they never really clicked with audiences. Licence To Kill (originally Licence Revoked but there was concerns that nobody knew what Revoked meant so it was changed) was released in 1989 against other more successful action films like Batman, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Lethal Weapon 2.L
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James Stewart plays a former district attorney who now spends his time fishing and drinking while occasionally taking on the odd defense case in this excellent 1959 courtroom drama.Based on a novel written by John D. Voelker, himself a former attorney who based the book on an actual case that he defended, Anatomy of a Murder is one of the best trial films ever made. Stewart stars as Paul Bieg
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(Spoiler alert: While I won’t reveal any of the major plot twists featured in Spectre, some mild disclosures are required to review the film. If you want to go in blind, come back after seeing it.)By most accounts Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes’ final James Bond entry, Spectre bears the responsibility of bringing the current incarnation of 007 to an end. As the specula
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Before we say farewell to Hammer Films here's one last movie. Not really a horror film but during their success with adapting classic horror tales they decided to adapt Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic Sherlock Holmes tale, The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1959.Several centuries ago the cruel Lord Baskerville chased after a woman who spurned his advances on the moors. When he finally caugh
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If The Quatermass Xperiment started Hammer down the path towards becoming masters of horror it was 1957's The Curse of Frankenstein that secured their title as the "house of horror".Directed by Terence Fisher and written by Jimmy Sangster, this is a loose adaptation of Mary Shelley's story. Victor Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) is in prison awaiting execution. A priest has arrived
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After the massive success of The Curse of Frankenstein it was only natural for Hammer to want to make a sequel. But instead of merely repeating the formula like Universal Studios did with their Frankenstein series, monster runs amok over and over, Hammer decided to do something else.  Starting with the last scene from The Curse of Frankenstein, the movie starts with Frankenstein escaping the
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Nobody can swap out brains like Dr. Frankenstein.After having his latest laboratory discovered Dr. Frankenstein goes on the run. Hiding under the alias Fenner, Dr. Frankenstein finds out that a colleague of his, Dr. Brandt (George Pravda), who had invented a better transplant method that Frankenstein wants has been locked up as insane.Frankenstein ends up blackmailing his landlord Anna ( Veronica
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Frankenstein doesn't really create a woman nor does he create a "Bride of Frankenstein". What the good doctor does do is something much more twisted.This time out Dr. Frankenstein (Cushing) is interested something more than just resurrecting corpses, he's looking into the human soul.  The movie starts with a young Hans witnessing his father get guillotined. The story th
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There is an argument to be made about heavy metal audiences being the best ones out there: They are committed to the band, open to new material and very involved at concerts. The documentary Wacken 3D: Louder than Hell is a snapshot of the communion between hard rock groups and their public. It may not be all that insightful, but makes up for it with top tier bands and plenty of music.Wacken is a
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Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell is the last of the Hammer Frankenstein films. Dr. Simon Helder (Shane Briant) is caught performing experiments on the dead and sentenced to an insane asylum. Helder is excited because his hero Dr. Frankenstein is being held there. When Helder arrives he's told the Frankenstein died some time ago. Then he meets Dr. Victor aka Dr. Frankenstein who faked his
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Hammer's Frankenstein movies are some of their best work. The series as a whole is brilliant especially because they focus on the exploits of Dr. Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) and not the monster. Cushing starred in six of the seven Frankenstein movies that Hammer produced. The second last, the 1970 Horror of Frankenstein was actually a more comedic remake of the first film with Ralph Bates as
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We are heading into the home stretch and for the last week of October I'll be focusing on Hammer's brilliant Frankenstein movies. But before that one last excellent Hammer movie that always seems to get lost in Hammer's massive output of monsters and vampire movies, 1968's The Devil Rides Out.Dennis Wheatley was a very prolific writer in England from the 1930's to 1960's an
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Ok this is a bit of guilty pleasure for me. This 1974 movie was Hammer's last of its Dracula movies and it tried to mix the standard Hammer horror with the Shaw Brothers kung fu.Having watched all of Hammer's Dracula movies, there was steady decline as the series progressed. That's not to say that there wasn't enjoyable films in the series and enjoyable ideas but the movies in gene
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Changing things up from their standard Dracula or Karnstein vampire movie, Hammer introduced Kronos to the world in 1974. The movie was actually made in 1972 but it took a couple of years to find a distributor for the film.In the 1800's in a small village young girls have killed by someone in cloak and all the victims have the same condition. They've all been robbed of their youth and turn
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Hammer's 1971 Countess Dracula isn't a vampire movie. It's actually a retelling of the Elizabeth Báthory legend. While she wasn't a vampire she still needed blood. Lots and lots and lots of blood.Ingrid Pitt stars as Countess Elizabeth Nádasdy. A vain elderly woman whose husband, the count, has just passed away. During the reading of the will Elizabeth discovers that
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At the start of the 1970's Hammer decided to up their game with more sex and violence than they previously had featured in their films. The reason was that the industry had changed and while the studio was the forerunner of horror and gore in the late 1950's and throughout the 1960's they were now seen as old fashioned costumed dramas. Films like Rosemary's Baby had started changin
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With Dracula a huge hit for Hammer they naturally wanted to make a sequel but Christopher Lee was reluctant to return to the role. So instead of resurrecting the Count, Hammer decided to follow the adventures of Dr. Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) for the next movie.While traveling to a school to become a new teacher there, young Marianne (Yvonne Monlaur) is forced to stop for the night at an inn. The
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When Hammer found itself with a massive hit on their hands with The Curse of Frankenstein, they quickly decided to try and recreate that success by tackling another legendary horror classic, Dracula. Created by the same team that worked on The Curse of Frankenstein, writer Jimmy Sangster, director Terence Fisher and stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, the success of this film would help make
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Hammer's love of vampires is the theme for this week and starting things off is the 1963 movie Kiss of the Vampire.This movie was intended to be another Dracula sequel without Dracula (or Christopher Lee) as in Brides of Dracula but eventually the film just evolved into a strange and dark tale of decadent vampires preying on the weak. The story starts with a funeral. A distraught Professo
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After Hammer's successes with Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy they decided to tackle another legendary horror icon in 1960, Dr. Jekyll.Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde had already been made into several movies, a couple of them are brilliant horror masterpieces so Hammer had their work cut out for them. They had already tackled the subject matter a c
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Fanatic or as it's known in the U.S. Die! Die! My Darling! is a 1965 thriller from screenwriter Richard Matheson based on the novel Nightmareby Anne Blaisdell.This wasn't Matheson's first work for Hammer. Back in 1957 he adapted his novel I Am Legend into a screenplay for Hammer that at the time was supposed to be directed by Fritz Lang. The British censors rejected the script and Hamm
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The Ashby family has a few problems. Mr. and Mrs. Ashby were killed in a plane crash when their three children were young. The oldest son Anthony committed suicide when he was 15 by jumping off of a cliff.A few years pass and sister Eleanor (Janette Scott) seems to be going insane, she believes she keeps seeing Anthony and it looks like the estate will be going to son Simon (Oliver Reed). And then
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No not that crappy TV show from 1990's although I'm sure it managed to cause a few nightmares itself but today's 31 Days of Hammer is the 1965 thriller starring Bette Davis.10-year-old Joey Fane (William Dix) has been away in a "special" school. It seems that he drowned his baby sister two years ago and has spent in an institute hopefully getting better. Joey's parents Bi
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A young woman named Janet (Jennie Linden) is plagued by nightmares. Terrifying nightmares about her mother in a padded room.The teacher at Janet's school, Mary (Brenda Bruce), is worried and decides to send Janet home to her legal guardian Henry (David Knight). Henry hires a nurse named Grace (Moira Redmond) to look after the poor girl but the nightmares get worse once she gets home.It seems t
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Young Annette Beynat (Liliane Brousse) is raped by a neighbour. Annette's father knocks out the man responsible, drags him to a shed and then kills the man with a welding torch. That's how Hammer's 1963 thriller Maniac starts.The father is ruled insane by courts and institutionalized. Four years later Jeff Farrell (Kerwin Mathews) arrives in town and attracts both Annette and Annette&#
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Hammer didn't just make horror movies, they made several other genres but most took a backseat once Hammer found success with the horror genre. They also found success with suspense thrillers which will be the focus on 31 Days of Hammer this week.Writer Jimmy Sangster started off as a production manager for Hammer back in the 1950s. He got into writing when Hammer asked him to write X The Unkn
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A plague seems to be affecting a small English village at the turn of the century (Hammer loved recycling sets, actors, directors and plot ideas). Charles Spalding (David Baron) finds a note telling to go to Dr. Franklyn's (Noel Willman) house. Charles arrives but finds no one home. He enters the house only to be attacked and bitten by something in the shadows. He dies with his face all blacke
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I love a good werewolf movie but they do seem to be few and far between. There's more bad than good. Hammer Films only attempted one werewolf movie but fortunately it was one of the few good ones.A beggar stumbles upon a Marques' wedding and ends up insulting the evil nobleman who throws the beggar into the dungeon. 15 years pass by and the beggar has been largely forgotten in the cells. H
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In a smaller German village in the early 1900's, a young man is arrested for murder of his girlfriend after the two of them stumble upon something in the woods. The man commits suicide and the court quickly rules that he murdered the girl and then killed himself. The boy's father Professor Jules Heitz (Michael Goodliffe) doesn't believe the ruling and decides to discover the killer for
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By the mid-1960's Hammer was in full swing pumping out a several horror movies a year. On top of their many many Frankenstein and Dracula movies, they also tackled mummies, more vampires, werewolves, aliens, mythological monsters and more. Zombies were a natural next step.Zombies first hit the screen back in 1932's awesome White Zombie. In that film an evil  voodoo master has a horde