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January 22 -February 4
VOL.13 ISSUE. 11

The Clockmaker at The Refinery
produced by Neverending Highway/Embrace Theatre. Tickets at $20-$23.
Jan 15 - Jan 25
Cymbeline at The Refinery
produced by Saskatoon Shakespeare Lab. Tickets at Pay-what-you-can - $23.
Jan 29 - Feb 8
Mary's Wedding at Remai Arts Centre
produced by Persephone Theatre. Tickets at $26 - $41.
Feb 4 - Feb 22


Art Placement
228 3rd Ave South
Make Work Projects
226 A & 226 B Avenue C South
Remai Arts Centre
100 Spadian Crescent East
Saskatoon, SK
SCYAP Art Centre & Gallery
253 3rd Ave S
The Stall Gallery
The Two Twenty, 220 20th St W
Ukrainian Museum of Canada
Unreal City
139 2nd Ave N


Different StrokesBart Gazzola

Published Thursday January 22, 05:33 pm
Two artists prove that art can always evolve
WINTER GROUP EXHIBITIONRuns to Feb. 5Art PlacementThere’s an idea that “Art Historians” (note the use of capital letters, which my editor generously allowed in this instance even though he hates them) are more inflexible, exhibiting a rigidity and resistance to change, than some ar